3. Hierax

Hierax was a just and distinguished man in the country of the Mariandynians. He built temples for Demeter and received from her great harvests. When the Teucrians did not render sacrifices to Poseidon at the proper time but passed over him negligently, Poseidon grew very angry. He destroyed the crops of Demeter and sent a monstrous creature from the sea to attack them. Unable to hold out against monster and famine, the Teucrians sent messages to Hierax and asked him to protect them from the famine. He sent them <barley,> wheat and other food. Poseidon grew angry because Hierax had put a stop to their punishment. He turned him into a bird that is still today known as the "hierax," or falcon, and he changed the man's character when he did away with him, for the one who had been most greatly loved by men Poseidon turned into one much hated by birds. The god made the one who prevented many men from dying into one who kills many birds.


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